Super Pixel Heroes Apk Mod v1.1.30 (Unlimited Gold)

Super Pixel Heroes Apk Mod v1.1.30 (Unlimited Gold)

Free download Super Pixel Heroes Apk Mod v1.1.30 (Unlimited Gold) very unusual fighting game, which is made in pixel art, and in a very lively style. Play as famous characters and destroy everything in its path, unlock new unique characters and take part in the arenas. And the most important task will be to break your enemy's small pixels. Compete with your friends and call them to a duel, or challenge players from around the world, discover new characters and unlock a lot of cards, on which the future of the battle will take place.
feature mode 4.0 to be able to play it and you also can play games Super Pixel Heroes in multiplier mode also offline enjoy game Super Pixel Heroes which is free full game download with 3D display for android mobile this game also support for jellybean and lollipop.

Games features
  • AMAZING ARCADE ACTION Smash & Bash Pixels! Experience the thrill of wining fights even with one limb remaining.UNLEASH HILARIOUS FINISHERS Knockout challengers with hilarious finishing moves – smash, dash, bash and even fart – in this amazing pixel smashing game!
  • UNLEASH SPECIAL ABILITIES Smash down opponents with Bleed, Critical Damage, Stun, Force Field, Obstacle Shield, Last Stand & Instant Death special abilities.
  • EXCITING ARENAS Escape rolling fireballs, spiked iron and unique obstacles in retro art-style arenas – Lava River, Helipad and the Dockyard.
  • UNRAVEL POWERFUL CHAMPIONS Open Rare, Epic and Legendary crates with surprise rewards of amazing hero parts.

Super Pixel Heroes Apk Mod v1.1.30 (Unlimited Gold)
Super Pixel Heroes Apk Mod v1.1.30 (Unlimited Gold)
Super Pixel Heroes Apk Mod v1.1.30 (Unlimited Gold)
Super Pixel Heroes Apk Mod v1.1.30 (Unlimited Gold)

Game Information
  • Game : Super Pixel Heroes Apk
  • Update : 8 November 2017
  • New Versi : 1.1.30
  • Genre : Action
  • File Format: Apk
  • Riqued : 4.0.3
  • Game Mode : Game Offline
  • Developer android : Reliance Big
  • Language : English
  • Info Mod : Unlimited Money

New in game
  • Trick or Treat! Raise the UNDEAD under the howling moon and haunt the Super Pixel Heroes arenas day and night.
  • March into the spooky madness with ZOMBIE WWE Superstars - Sasha Banks, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar
  • Double up the fun by fighting with champions from 4 dynamic worlds – WWE, DINO, JUNGLE and ROBOTS
  • It’s time to put on your scary costumes and join in on the action!

Download File:
  • Make sure your signal your internet network here if it is slow, then it makes the download process takes a lot of time App.
  • Click one of the download links I've provided, could be from Server one alternate link or from Server 2
  • Follow the download process to finish, and the file is ready to be uploaded.

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